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Lion Heart International is a small security consultancy firm registered here in Papua New Guinea and in Australia.

LHI specializes in security risk management and also provides services in the areas of project management. At present our firm employs 2 consultants, 16 admin staff  and 210 plus security officers who provide support to all our clients whom range from small businesses through to Corporate and Government Clients.


We are currently licensed under the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Act and are registered with the PNG Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) and are insured and financially backed by Credit Corporation, Capital Insurance Group, JMP Securities and Southern Cross Insurance Group.

“Expanding horizons through corporate unity and cooperation” This is the vision and mission of Lion Heart International.

As a firm we believe we have relevant skills sets that can be of assistance to any big or small company that seeks our services because we understand that the growth or success of any company or project also means the growth and success of Lion Heart International in Papua New Guinea and Australia. We believe that through unity and cooperation, we can corporately expand our horizons.


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